Invisalign treatment for teens

Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible and offer a clear alternative to traditional braces for teenagers. Instead of brackets and wires, they’re made of smooth, clear plastic that’s almost invisible to the naked eye. They’re also removable, so your teen can keep enjoying the things they love like going to the cinema and eating popcorn and playing their favourite sports.

Invisalign Diamond

Invisalign Teen

Here at Orthosmile, we are pleased to offer Invisalign specially made for teens. It is a new, innovative option for teenagers offering all the benefits of the custom-made, clear Invisalign aligners – with extra added features specifically with teenagers in mind.

It works just the same as Invisalign – they are clear, removable aligners that fit over the upper and lower teeth like a thin mouthguard, that slowly straighten and move your teeth into position over time.

Just like Invisalign, Invisalign for teens offers the same discreet look and are barely visible when placed inside the mouth meaning that you can achieve the beautiful, straight teeth you’ve always dreamed of without being worried about your braces being noticed.

Invisalign for teens

Invisalign Teen
with Mandibular Advancement

Invisalign Teen offers a unique and effective solution for patients with mild to moderate Class II malocclusions: a problem where the lower teeth and jaw lie behind the upper teeth and jaw, leading to an appearance of protruding upper front teeth.

Where previously the only treatment available in these cases was a period of treatment with removable, functional appliances in the mouth to position the lower jaw further forward, followed by a period of fixed braces to straighten the teeth, Invisalign teen offers a simple, single-phase alternative.

Invisalign Teen with Mandibular Advancement uniquely works by slowly positioning the lower jaw forward while straightening the teeth at the same time – offering an efficient and more time-effective solution.

In comparison to conventional treatment with functional appliances and braces for Class II correction, Invisalign Teen offers a more comfortable, discreet and hassle-free alternative.

Invisalign for teens

Why Invisalign will suit your teen's lifestyle

Invisalign for teens clear aligners can improve any teenager's smile without interrupting their life, with no need to worry about the types of food they can enjoy and sports they can play. They can be removed easily to allow for playing musical instruments or at mealtimes. Being removable, they can be cleaned easily and also facilitate cleaning in and around your teeth meaning that they have minimal impact on your oral health.

Apart from these benefits, Invisalign treatment for teens offers many specific features and treatment options designed to improve the experience and facilitate treatment in teenagers.

Invisalign for teens

Advantages of Invisalign Teen

  • invisible

    No one will know you’re wearing them!

  • comfortable

    Smooth and thin plastic aligners - no irritating metal wires or brackets!

  • Removable

    For special occasions, easy cleaning and easy eating.


    Eat whatever you like.

  • 0% interest-free finance

    Easy payment plans, no deposits required

  • best invisalign offers in london

    Contact us to find out about our latest offers

How much does Invisalign cost?

If your teen qualifies for invisible braces, our prices for Invisalign are very competitive and can even be paid in interest-free instalments. Orthosmile's costs for Invisalign for teens start from as low as just £1,490.

We offer 0% finance, easy payment plans so you don’t have to pay all the cost or price in one go.

We also offer other invisible teeth straightening solutions and clear braces for teenagers. Virtually invisible braces for your teen rarely cost as little as ours here at Orthosmile with our impeccable reputation for quick results, amazing service and happy patients.

Is your teen ready to embark on an Invisalign journey?

Here at Orthosmile, our team of highly qualified and experienced specialists can achieve great results for your teenager using Invisalign, but the treatment isn’t right for everyone. At your initial free consultation, we can examine your teen's teeth and recommend the best orthodontic treatment for them.

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