Inhalation Sedation/Conscious Sedation for Adults

Here at Orthosmile, we have the facilities to provide sedation for those adults who feel anxious about treatment with the dentist – to help ensure their experience with us is as calm and relaxed as can be. It can also be an invaluable and safe way of easing nervous patients into the dental environment.

We offer inhalation sedation, which is delivered through a small mask which sits over the nose and allows you to relax and reduces pain during treatment. This is a type of conscious sedation, which means that you will be awake and able to follow verbal instructions throughout. Our dentist will do a thorough assessment to ensure that this type of treatment is suitable for you and will talk you through every step of the process in detail at the initial visit, ensuring to answer any questions or queries you may have.


Local Anaesthesia

If the dentist advises any dental treatment such as fillings or root canal therapy for you, it may be the case that they suggest carrying out the treatment with local anaesthesia to ensure that it is absolutely pain free. Our dentists are trained to give these numbing injections in an atraumatic and almost painless manner, using a combination of distraction techniques and a topical anaesthetic gel which can be used before the injection, to reduce any discomfort – ensuring a stress-free experience. Our practice is also equipped with The Wand®, a cutting-edge computer assisted system which allows the dentist to give gentle and painless injections providing increased comfort throughout. In cases where you are particularly anxious, we may recommend inhalation sedation too, which may ease the delivery of anaesthetic, relaxing you beforehand to prevent anxiety.

The Wand

Local Anaesthesia

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