Root canal

If your tooth has developed signs like swelling, extreme pain, or sensitivity to temperature changes, you might need a root canal rather than a dental filling. At Orthosmile, our experienced Endodontist can help you find relief for your troublesome tooth.

Root canal

What is a root canal?

What is Endodontics?

What is dental pulp?

Why does dental pulp become diseased?

Is root canal treatment painful?

How long does a root canal treated tooth last?

What happens if my root canal treatment fails?

Is endodontic treatment always possible?

What is the alternative to root canal treatment?

Are root canal treated teeth bad for general health?

Find relief for infected teeth

Book a dental consultation with our Endodontist today to see if a root canal treatment is right for your tooth and explore your options for getting a pain-free smile back.

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