For invisalign to work effectively, it depends on a lot of things. These include how often you wear them and how complex your case is. In most cases, you will find that teenagers will use them for around one year (assuming of course they wear their aligners consistently, which is often not the case with teenagers) while adults use them for around two. There is really no sure way to determine the exact time it will take except with an actual professional orthodontic consultation.

Time factors

There are several things that could lengthen the process beyond even the orthodontist’s estimate. If the aligners are not worn according to the prescribed time of about twenty to twenty two hours per day, the treatment will take longer. If the issue being treated is complex then, it will also take longer.

How to shorten the treatment

This is easy because all you need is to follow the orthodontist’s instructions. You should also take care of your aligners and if they crack, have them replaced. Wash them to avoid plaque and take them when travelling.

How often should you wear your aligners?

The patients are advised to wear them as often as they can. Since invisalign aligners are quite invisible, you should maximize the time you spend with them. Apart from eating, they do not interfere with other activities. In both arch treatments, Wear them on both upper and lower teeth so that they can exert pressure and have the teeth aligned faster.

How often should you replace aligners?

Most of the time you can go for new ones after two weeks but it will also depend on your discipline to wear them. You will have to wear them as you were told in order to make sure they don’t last longer than necessary.

After treatment

Once the treatment you get from our clinic is over, you will have the smile you have always wanted. The orthodontist can recommend you wear retainers but it will depend on each case. Check this site for more information.