With Angels and Urchins being the go-to experts on family life, we couldn’t turn down an opportunity for Dr Alimadadian to share his expertise and knowledge on orthodontics for children in the magazine considered the bible for parents in London. Alongside other orthodontists in the London area, Dr Alimadadian tell you everything you need to know about braces for your children.

The first question most parents want to know is if their child is eligible for NHS treatment, and although all children under 18 are eligible for an NHS orthodontic assessment, the NHS will only pay for the more severe cases. Then the big question follows – how much are braces for my child going to cost me? As Dr Alimadadian says in the article, the cost will very much depend on the type of treatment that is tailored to your child.  Metal braces are the cheapest and cost £2,500-£3,000. Ceramic, or tooth coloured braces which are more discreet and blend in with the natural tooth colour, are generally 10-15% more expensive. Then aligners, such as the Invisalign brand, which are becoming increasingly popular, due being virtually invisible and a removable aligner allowing for easier oral hygiene care, are a further 10-15% more expensive.

Dr Alimadadian also introduced the latest hot topic in the field of orthodontics – early interceptive orthodontics. As Dr Alimadadin explains, there are many potential issues with teeth, but crowding and bite problems, including protruded teeth, are the most common. Crowding happens when the adult teeth are much bigger than the baby teeth and the child’s jaw isn’t big enough to accommodate them. “With early intervention, perhaps using a removable brace to gradually expand the jaw, we can avoid extracting teeth at a later stage,” says Dr Alimadadian. However, early intervention is not currently an option on NHS, as with long waiting lists, children are not given orthodontic assessments before the age of 10, therefore early intervention is often not possible unless you go privately. At Orthosmile, we offer free consultations for children of all ages, where you can find out about your child’s treatment options and NHS eligibility.

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