Dr Alimadadian

Orthodontic Practice is a digital publication from the award-winning and dental publications specialists FMC. Orthodontic Practice is the latest addition to FMC’s leading stable of dental publications. Orthodontics is currently a hot topic within dentistry as the demand for aesthetic treatments remains high coupled with move to more minimally invasive dentistry. Orthodontic Practice aims to cater for dentists across the orthodontic spectrum, highlighting clinical cases, new products and techniques and business strategies tailored to this market.

Orthodontic Practice did a two page feature on Dr Alimadadian touching on his professional career and his opinions on the changes digitalisation has brought to dentistry, as well as on the practices within the Orthosmile group. Dr Alimadadian emphasised his ethos of patient care being at the heart of what we do at Orthosmile, and that ‘even in the presence of flawless treatment planning and delivery, without effective communication, one cannot be a well rounded clinician. Patients are at the core of our profession, and must feel valued, at ease and in control. After all, it is the patient that is receiving treatment and so they must be on board at all stages of the journey to ensure a successful and happy outcome.’

Dr Alimadadian rounded off the interview with a touching statement about the great pleasure that he now sees some of his earliest patients bringing in their own children in for orthodontic treatment.

To read the article in full go to https://magazine.orthodontic-practice.co.uk/default.aspx?ID=192448 and find the article on page 24 of Nov/Dec Issue.