Treatment fees at Orthosmile

 The cost of your treatment may vary depending on your individual needs and treatment plan. Our orthodontists and specialist dental team will cover the cost of your treatment with you and discuss each of your available payment plan options so you can make the best choice for you and your smile. We will work with you to create a payment plan that fits your budget and you will know what to expect before beginning treatment.

Private Orthodontic Patients

Treatment fees vary depending on the type of treatment, complexity of treatment, duration of treatment, number of appliances used, type of appliances and other factors. Therefore the exact fee will be quoted by the orthodontist. The following figures are, therefore, a rough guide to the prices you can expect.

We offer 0% finance on all our treatments.


Treatment Cost
Consultation, including examination of the teeth and jaws, and may include taking photographs Free
Invisalign Comprehensive From £3,800 - £5,000*
Invisalign Teen From £3,800 - £5,000*
Invisalign First From £2,500 - £3,500*
Invisalign Express From £1,490 - £1,800*
Invisalign Lite From £2,500 - £3,500*
Lingual (Behind-the-teeth hidden braces) £3990 to £7990*
Self-Ligating (Damon) Braces £2690 to £4990*
Ceramic (Tooth-Coloured) Braces £2490 to £4490*
Traditional (Fixed Metal) Braces £1990 to £3990*
Functional Appliances £1190*
Carriere Motion Appliance £800*
Other Removable Braces £690*
Fixed (Bonded) Retainer £250* per retainer
Removable Retainer £150* per retainer
Invisible Clear Retainer £150* per retainer
Repair of Retainers and Braces £80 to £200*
Mouth Guards £70*
Treatment Cost
Consultation (full payment upon booking) £100*
Routine Extraction from £350*
Surgical Extraction £450*
Wisdom Tooth Extraction from £500*
IV Sedation from £500/hr*
Crown Lengthening From £800*
Apicoectomy (per tooth) From £800*
Soft Tissue Graft (per site) from £800*
Biopsy plus report (per site) £500*
Cyst enucleation from £800*
Treatment Cost
Consultation (full payment upon booking) £100*
Single Implant Placement from £1,500*
Single Implant Crown From £1,000*
Socket Preservation (per site) £600*
Bone Grafting from £500*
Soft Tissue Grafting From £600*
Sinus Lift (closed/indirect approach per site) From £1,200*
Sinus Lift (open/direct approach per site) from £1,800*
Implant Retained Denture (per jaw) From £10,000*
Full Arch Fixed Bridge (including temporary restorations) From £16,500* per arch
Zygomatic Implants (including temporary restorations) From £18,000*
Treatment Cost
General dentistry fees
New patient examination (Includes 2 Bitewings) £65*
Existing patient routine check-up £50*
Emergency consultation £75*
Dental Check Up children (under 5 years old) £50*
Small X-ray (each) £10.50*
Dental Panoramic x-ray £50*
Hygiene Appointments
Scale and Polish (30 min) £80*
Hygiene Visit(45mins) £120*
Extended scale and polish
Airflow Only (30 min) £95*
Composite (tooth coloured) Fillings From £150*
Composite edge bonding From £220*
Cosmetic treatment fees
Smile makeover consultation Free 15 mins
Teeth whitening
Home Teeth Whitening Kit with (4) Syringes £350 for both arches, £250 for single arch*
Office Bleaching (Both Arches) 1 hour £450*
Composite veneers £475 (per unit)*
Ceramic Veneers £750- £950*
Crowns and Onlays
Porcelain Bonded to Metal From £750 per unit*
Zirconia(metal free) from £750 per unit*
Fully ceramic crowns £750- £950*
Articulation of study models £120*
Diagnostic wax-up Fr0m £700 per arch*
Porcelain Bonded to Metal From £750 per unit*
Zirconia(metal free) from £750 per unit*
Oral surgery
Simple extraction £120*
Surgical extraction £250*
Wisdom Tooth extraction £250*
Wisdom Tooth surgical extraction £450*
Gum contouring (per tooth) From £100*
Nightguards £175-£750*
Acrylic dentures (1-3 teeth) £650*
Acrylic denture (full upper or lower ) £1500*
Chrome dentures (per arch) £1500 – £2500*
Treatment Cost
Consultation £150 (Cost goes towards treatment cost)*
Restorability assessment From £295*
Root canal treatment incisor £950*
Root canal treatment premolar £1050*
Root canal treatment molar £1200*
Retreatment surcharge £100*
Core build up / post-core £95 - £195*

** Re Root treatments incur an additional £100 added to the prices above, tooth dependent.

Want a more specific quote?

Our team of highly qualified and experienced specialist orthodontists and dentists at Orthosmile can discuss the best treatment to fit your needs, lifestyle and budget, with a cost breakdown and finance options, at your free initial consultation.

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