Dentist referrals

Here at Orthosmile we are very happy to take on referrals and to look after your patients’ orthodontic needs. Working together, we can ensure that your patients have the best possible care and achieve the beautiful smiles that they deserve. We are committed to professional and top quality treatment; as such our practice is a member of BDA Good Practice and for the eighteen years that we have been in business, we have established a solid reputation for outstanding orthodontic care. 

While the patients themselves are quite a good judge of the success of a treatment, the more perceptive eye of dentists are the real tests of the competence and talent of an orthodontist, and the success rate of an orthodontic clinic. 

And here at Orthosmile, we let the numbers speak for themselves. Established in 1997, we have over 1,200 dentists in the London area who have consistently been referring their patients to us for a very very long time. Dr Majid Alimadadian, more commonly known as Dr Ali, is renowned as THE go-to orthodontist in the Greater London area. 


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