Orthodontic retainers at Orthosmile

Retainers are custom-made, fixed or removable devices that are used to keep the teeth straight following the end of orthodontic treatment. 

Retainers serve a crucial role in keeping the teeth in position and preventing them from naturally moving after treatment, and the only way to keep your teeth aligned is to wear some form of retainer on a part-time basis for life. There are many different types and designs of retainers, and your specialist orthodontist at Orthosmile will offer you the options that caters to your individual needs. Examples of retainer include: 


Removable retainers

  • Hawley retainers: these are clear, plastic plates that clip in behind your teeth and can be removed for contact sports and physical activities. These may initially be worn full-time, and later, your orthodontist may advise you to wear these on a part-time basis, for instance overnight.
  • Invisible (Trutain/Essix) retainers: these are vacuum-formed, virtually invisible, clear trays which can barely be noticed when worn. 

Removable retainer

Fixed (bonded) retainer

This is a thin wire that can be fixed to the inside surface of the teeth, and so is completely discreet. Special care needs to be taken to clean this retainer since it cannot be removed, but your orthodontist will demonstrate how to clean the area between this wire and your teeth with floss or oral irrigator.

Fixed retainer

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